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North Maroon Peak - 5/11/08 (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: North Maroon Peak - 5/11/08
dmandave (Admin)
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North Maroon Peak - 5/11/08 9 Years, 2 Months ago  
This one's for you mom.

We started up the trail from the Maroon Creek road closure on a pair of snowmobiles at the ripe hour of midnight- just a few hours after I had arrived in Aspen. As I was towed behind the first sled I could only focus on the few feet of light provided by the headlamp. My technique consisted mostly in avoidance maneuvers as the trail was littered with dry spots and newly-exposed debris from prior avalanches. There was still a layer of new snow atop the crust that had blown in from the latest in a row of May storms.

One of the sleds broke down a few miles up the trail, so we decided to shuttle the rest of the crew to the summer trailhead. From here it was a consistent skin ascent to the apron of the steep east face of North Maroon.

Upon daybreak we were on the face and making our way through the bands of rocks that lead to the summit. The new snow freaked me out a little, and I began to second guess our decision. Luckily Matt was very reassuring and we trudged on.

Things only got more steep from here, but the blood was flowing, the weather was perfect, and the views were downright incredible.

There were a handful of technical sections which slowed our ascent but we still made the summit before noon.

And had a beautiful snow-filled line ahead of us with plenty to keep our minds occupied with.

We skied the whole thing without any down climbing and only one mandatory air near the top.

It was nice.

John's Photos

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